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Lo Jong
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Lo Jong

Eight Verses of Mind Training
(known as Lo Jong)

author Geshe Langri Tangpa

  1. May I always cherish all limited beings
    By considering how far superior they are
    To wish-granting gems
    For actualizing the supreme aim.
  2. Whenever I come into anyones company,
    May I regard myself as more lowly than all
    And, from the depths of my heart, hold others as supreme.
  3. Whatever I am doing, may I check the flow of my mind,
    And the moment that disturbing emotions arise,
    Since they debilitate myself and others,
    May I confront and avert them with forceful means.
  4. Whenever I see beings instinctively cruel,
    Overpowered by negativities and serious problems,
    May I cherish them as difficult to find
    As discovering a treasure of gems.
  5. When others, out of envy, treat me unfairly
    With scolding, insults, and more,
    May I accept the loss upon myself
    And offer the victory to others.
  6. Even if someone whom I have helped
    And from whom I harbor great expectations
    Were to harm me completely unfairly,
    May I view him or her as a hallowed teacher.
  7. In short, may I offer to all my mothers,
    both actually and indirectly,
    Whatever will benefit and bring them joy;
    And may I hiddenly accept on myself
    All my mothers troubles and woes.
  8. Through a mind untarnished by stains from thoughts
    About these eight transitory things in life,
    And that knows all phenomena as an illusion,
    May I set myself free from all my clinging
    And thus release myself from my suffering at last.
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