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The following Pujas, traditional offering ceremonies, are performed by the Gyuto monks.

  • Dolchog (Tara Puja for long life and wish fulfillment)
  • Chepi Bumchung (Special prayers for babies and children)
  • Kangso (Dharma Protector Invocation)
  • Gyabdzi (Four Hundred Ritual Offering)
  • Sher-nying-don-dok (Clearing Obstacles through the Heart Sutra)
  • Ma mo thri kang (Palden Lhamo Ritual)
  • Cha sum (Three Limb Ritual to clear away obstacles)
  • Lu chog choe gin gyatso (Extensive Naga Ritual)
  • Nam yang sol (Viasharamana Wealth Ritual)
  • Dzambala yang sol (Zambala Wealth Ritual)
  • Jang wa (Purification Ritual for the Deceased)
  • Nam gyal tse chog (Ushnishavijaya Long Life Offering)
  • Men lha chog zin (Concise Medicine Buddha Ritual)
  • Men lha tsen gyed (Eight Medicine Buddha Ritual)
  • Dug shey ser sum (Heart Sutra, Sitatapatra and Lion Faced Dakini Ritual for clearing obstacles)

You can request that any of the Pujas be performed for your benefit, or for friends and family, or for all sentient beings. If you live locally the monks can perform the Pujas at your home or the monks can perform the Pujas at the Monastery.

Gyuto Wheel of Dharma Monastery prefers not to request financial donations from students for dharma events. This is in keeping with our Tibetan traditions. However, maintaining the Monastery is expensive.

Please consider a generous donation whenever you attend any event at Gyuto. We prefer to concentrate on organizing events for you rather than fund-raising. Thank you.

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