About Gyuto Wheel of Dharma

Gyuto Wheel of Dharma Monastery is the first Western branch of the famous Gyuto Tantric University, one of only two historical seats of high tantric learning in the Tibetan Buddhist monastic system. Gyuto Tantric University is based in exile in Dharamsala (Sidbhari), India.

The public is welcome at Gyuto’s teachings and events, and the Monastery has public hours regularly on Wednesdays 7pm-9pm for prayer, meditation and recitation practices, and on Saturdays 7pm-9pm for teachings. The Monastery serves the nation’s second-largest Tibetan exile community located in Minnesota, as well as its diverse non-Tibetan members, friends, and guests.┬áThe Monastery frequently organizes Interfaith events to promote universal harmony and peace. Welcome to our website, and please also visit us on Facebook to see current happenings.