Lam Rim Teachings

Venerable Geshe Ajan provides teachings on various Lam Rim topics utilizing the Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand text by Pabongka Rinpoche.

Geshe Ajan

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April 11th, 2015   (32kb) (16kb)
March 28th, 2015   (32kb) (16kb)
March 21st, 2015   (32kb) (16kb)
February 14th, 2015   (32kb) (16kb)
January 31st, 2015   (32kb) (16kb)
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January 3rd, 2015   (32kb) (16kb)
December 6th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
November 29th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
November 22nd, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
October 18th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
October 11th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
October 4th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
September 27th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
September 20th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
September 6th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
August 30th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
August 23rd, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
August 9th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
July 26th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
July 19th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
February 15th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
February 1st, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
January 25th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
January 18th, 2014   32kb) (16kb)
January 4th, 2014   (32kb) (16kb)
December 21st, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
December 14th, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
December 7th, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
November 23rd, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
November 16th, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
November 9th, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
November 2nd, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
October 19th, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
October 12th, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
September 21st, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
September 14th, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
September 7th, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
August 3rd, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)
July 20th, 2013   (32kb) (16kb)